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Most of the country was conquered by the Spanish in the 16th century, becoming part of the viceroyalty of New Spain.Guatemala attained independence in 1821 as part of the Federal Republic of Central America, which dissolved in 1841.In 1944, authoritarian leader Jorge Ubico was overthrown by a pro-democratic military coup, initiating a decade-long revolution that led to sweeping social and economic reforms. S.-backed military coup in 1954 ended the revolution and installed a dictatorship.

Advances such as writing, epigraphy, and the calendar did not originate with the Maya; however, their civilization fully developed them.

Until recently, the Preclassic was regarded as a formative period, with small villages of farmers who lived in huts, and few permanent buildings.

However, this notion has been challenged by recent discoveries of monumental architecture from that period, such as an altar in La Blanca, San Marcos, from 1000 BC; ceremonial sites at Miraflores and Naranjo from 801 BC; the earliest monumental masks; and the Mirador Basin cities of Nakbé, Xulnal, El Tintal, Wakná and El Mirador.

The first evidence of human habitation in Guatemala dates back to 12,000 BC.

Evidence, such as obsidian arrowheads found in various parts of the country, suggests a human presence as early as 18,000 BC.

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Full Name of Registry: Universidad del Valle de Guatemala (UVG) Contact details (address, phone, fax, general enquiries): Address: 18 Avenida 11-95, zona 15 VH III Guatemala 01015, Guatemala Tel: 502 2368 8564 thru 66 Fax: 502 2369 3452 Web site URL: date: 1992 Registration Model (Registry/Registrar system; Direct registrations; Both): Direct Registration Number of domain names: 9,875 (to the 31st of August) History: - UVG was delegated authority for the cc TLD through an exchange of e-mails with Dr.

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