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Teen dating violence and sexual victimization are serious public health concerns.Although research has highlighted the correlates and consequences of such abuse, little is known about early antecedents.The results indicated that early indicators of a risky lifestyle (e.g., getting drunk, having sex) and having deviant friends and siblings were associated with a higher likelihood of subsequent victimization. Mothers’ early strictness, monitoring, and conservative sexual attitudes predicted a lower likelihood of subsequent assault and served as significant buffers given specific risks, particularly for girls and Latinos. This abuse translates to students who are driven to substance abuse to deal with the pain and stress, and even suicide attempts.They are also more likely to get into relationships like this again, because it is something they are used to.They range from personality factors, family influence, and even their community.

If one is hitting or scratching, then another maybe doing the same, whether for vengeance or self-protection.Here are the individual risk factors for teen violence (2): Some risk factors that your teen may be violent include those that are the result of the home and family environment.Here are the teen violence risk factors associated with the family and home situation (2): Risk factors for teen violence at school The school environment can also contribute to an increased risk of violent behavior in your teen.The current study sought to identify the risk and protective factors evident in early adolescence that are associated with sexual and dating violence victimization in late adolescence. oversaw data collection and conducted the statistical analysis; Both authors read and approved the final manuscript.The sample involved 236 (52 % female) low-income Latino (69 %) and African American (31 %) youth, their older sisters, and their mothers who were studied when youth were, on average, ages 13 and 18 years. conceived of the study, interpreted the data, and drafted the manuscript.

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