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We had an amazing time, and I still keep in touch with her to this very day. I still get scared and flustered whenever I think about approaching a woman (that’s why I let them approach me instead).

And I’m still the same 5’7” slightly balding, sloppy dresser who drives a 1992 dark red Buick Regal (that has been “totaled” once). Not only that, when I'm finally ready to attract that one special woman, I'll be able to choose the one I want, NOT the one I just "settle for," like most guys do.

now you get to test her to see if she’s “good enough” to spend time with you…

—ever heard about those events where you have ten “Eight minute dates” in one evening?

I couldn’t believe this was actually happening just like John said it would.

She finally called me, and we decided to go bowling…

I routinely blow wads of cash on books, tapes, CD’s, courses, and high priced events.

You have just read a detailed description of these remarkable “natural attraction secrets” and what they can do for you.And then I walked away, wondering “what could have been” if I’d only had the “guts” to go talk to her.I was, but that she “just wasn’t attracted to me,” and that "we should just be friends." And then she’d go moon over some “jerk” who cared nothing about her, and would dump her for her best friend at a moment’s notice. because, what would happen next is, one of these jerks would dump the woman I secretly lusted after, and she’d come crying to me with her problems, telling me what a great “friend” I was for “listening”…funny thing though, we never made it to the bowling alley! Turner, Webmaster Austin, TX Well John, “I found your stuff at a good time in my life.I am 47 and tomorrow my marriage of almost 20 years will end.

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it’s biologically programmed into us, much like it is with animals in nature.

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  1. And, as a side note here, I really wonder how common it is when you are an avid online dater to have a profile that you don't really use and totally and completely forget about. Honestly unless it's a really new relationship I don't think you should have a profile on a dating site.