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During the breeding season a robin pair will have two and sometimes three broods, so while the male is caring for the young fledglings of the first brood, the female will be busy building a new nest for the next brood.It may seem silly to build a new nest rather than use the previous one but there is good reason for doing so.The Irish College of English is an Award-Winning English language school established in 1992.

Robins are mainly insectivorous, feeding mostly on worms and insects.During this time courtship feeding is a prominent activity with the male supplying almost half of the females daily food intake.Even though the pair stay together for the season, it's not uncommon for one or other partner to "have a bit on the side". Once they hatch, both parents look after the young and they fledge in another 14 days.The distinctive red patch on the chest has given us it's common name "Robin Redbreast".The term 'Robin' is also applied to other (unrelated) birds with red or orange breasts, including the American Robin (a much larger thrush like bird) and the Australian Robin (which is much more closely related to the Crows). It is the red colour that triggers territorial behaviour and robins will even attack a tuft of red feathers on its own. During the 15th century it became popular to give human names to familiar species and hence the origin of Robin Redbreast, which was eventually shortened to Robin. Adult robins weigh less than an ounce (about 20 grams) and are approx. Much folklore is associated with our robin and how it acquired its redbreast.

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