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The authors of this study theorize that women have evolved a tendency to become more interested in sex as their biological clock winds down in order to make the most of their remaining fertility.

However, these differences are pretty small: It’s not like women in their 30s and 40s are hypersexual—they just seem to be slightly more sexual than their younger counterparts.

Evolutionary psychology would argue that men evolved to prefer ladies at the peak of their fertility—that is, younger women.American Sex Contacts is a unique website that requires NO SUBSCRIPTION and NO MEMBERSHIP FEES and is 100% FREE TO JOIN.American Sex Contacts is used by thousands of people everyday looking to chat and flirt, casual sex hook ups and more!On mega-tube site Pornhub, it’s the third-most popular category—trailing only “HD Porn” and “teen.” And shockingly, the most popular search term on Porn Hub isn’t even an explicit one, like “blowjob” or “threesome”; it’s the familial “mom.” Hot moms aren’t just limited to porn aggregators, though.Adult superstore Adam & Eve offers more than 500 MILF-themed videos, including clever titles like “Mommy Dear Ass,” while Amazon offers more than 1,900 erotic MILF stories available for Kindle alone, such as “Milking the MILF,” the story of a single mother who literally gets milked by the college football team.

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