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If the bishops won’t stand up for [orthodox Christian teaching], who will?

” “Even Reformation churches that have specific doctrines that they police, they’ll probably be okay,” Kingsfield continued.

From what Kingsfield said, this might well have laid down a marker making it hard for the Diocese to defend itself in court in future challenges over hiring.) “If you’re a Catholic in San Francisco, in a crazy social environment, you’re in good shape, because you have [Archbishop] Salvatore Cordileone, who is going to hold the line. But if you’re in Indiana or New Jersey, you’re going to have trouble.

There’s a way in which the vigilance of the bishop in governing the local church will matter in court.

“When a perfectly decent, pro-gay marriage religious liberty scholar like Doug Laycock, who is one of the best in the country — when what he says is distorted, you know how crazy it is.” “Alasdair Macintyre is right,” he said.

“Catholics have a clear line of what constitutes the visible church, and what it means to be Catholic. But if you are an Evangelical church that has a more general statement of faith, and depends on a shared assumption that its non-married members will live a chaste life, I’m not so sure that’s going to hold.” For hierarchical, doctrinally well-defined churches, much depends legally on what the bishops do.

We made contact initially by e-mail — he is a reader of this blog — and last night, by phone.

He agreed to speak with me about the Indiana situation on condition that I not identify him by name or by institution.

I do know his identity, and when he tells me that he is “well-informed about the academy and the Supreme Court,” I assure you that from where he sits, and teaches, and from his CV, he is telling the truth. Kingsfield, after the law professor in What prompted his reaching out to me?

“I’m very worried,” he said, of events of the last week.

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