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Mom and I just looked at each other, then I headed out to get more wood for the fireplace.Mom called my dad to inform him of what was going on so they decided it would be safer for him to wait until tomorrow to come up to avoid the storm.She is so beautiful to me tall, curvy, large firm breasts and at 48 years old she is still a knockout.My dad and she are always touching each other lovingly, so I grew up in a pretty open-minded household.

When the weather came on they were predicting eight to ten inches of snow through the afternoon and evening.We have a family cabin up north and we all decided that this year we wanted to go up there to go snowmobiling between Christmas and New years.My mom and I decided that we would go up early to open up the cabin and get it stocked up, then my dad and brothers would come later in the afternoon.When we got to the cabin the drive only had an inch or two of snow in it so we were able to just drive up to the cabin.We unloaded the car, turned on the water, put in the master fuse to have electricity and put all the food away.

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I could see my mom staring right at my cock which seemed to get bigger with her looking at it. " She slowly brought her eyes up to mine then I could not believe what she said next.

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